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How do our wisdom teeth play a role in human evolution?

All i know is that it grown around late teenage ang early 20s.Why do our wisdom tooth serve to us when we entering aduthood?

How do our wisdom teeth play a role in human evolution?
Don%26#039;t know. You could ask the same about the little toe and the appendix. Doesn%26#039;t mean there isn%26#039;t a purpose.
Reply:maybe they r just slow to coming in... or maybe adults eat more veggies than kids....
Reply:Dentists say wisdom teeth are apparently a vestigial organ -- that is, one that isn%26#039;t very useful now but played an important role in the body in eons past. The diets of our prehistoric ancestors contained much more coarse food, which resulted in a larger, more developed jaw with more room for third molars. People also used to lose more permanent teeth at an early age, leaving space for wisdom teeth that would serve as replacements.

%26quot;Some say wisdom teeth are like spare tires,%26quot; says Dr. Louis Rafetto, a Wilmington, Delaware-based oral surgeon who chairs the Third Molar Task Force of the American Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons. %26quot;If you lost your teeth, the wisdom teeth would be extra teeth that come in and function like normal teeth.%26quot;

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What are the surface areas of the human tooth?

I believe one part is called an occulsion, but what are the names of the other areas of the human tooth called?

What are the surface areas of the human tooth?
Reply:The enamel
Reply:the sides touching the adjacent teeth are known as proximal surfaces, specifically mesial and distal surfaces. other surfaces facing lip and cheek is known as labial and buccal. the surfaces facing toungue is known as lingual and that facing palate is known as palatal.
Reply:There goes the neighborhood. One downfall to Yahoo Answers is that it allows questions to be answered by unwitting responders. Many dental web sites use questions about surfaces of a tooth to allow access to the site. Now they will need to change that strategy.
Reply:If you are talking about layers....the outer is enamel, the middle is dentin and the hollow inner core is your pulp chamber housing your nerve. If you are talking about the surfaces which you chew with, the back teeth are posterior occlusion and your front teeth are anterior incisors which you sheer/bite with.
Reply:Mesial, occlusal, distal, lingual, buccal.
Reply:Mesial, Distal, Occlusal, Buccal (or Labial)., Lingual (or Palatal)

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Why is it that every part of the human body heals itself except for the teeth?

Why don%26#039;t teeth heal like everything else does?

Why is it that every part of the human body heals itself except for the teeth?
Because the cells that make bone and the cells that make enamel are different. The cells that make enamel (amneoblasts) stop building enamel when a tooth is fully developed. Cells that build and repair bone (osteoblasts) are always working. It%26#039;s just biology.
Reply:You%26#039;re wrong. Hair doesn%26#039;t heal either. It replaces itself, just as a tooth does once. Hair continues to replace itself, but once it%26#039;s beyond the scalp, it%26#039;s dead as a door nail.
Reply:Teeth can also %26quot;heal%26quot; to a certain degree.

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Do Human Smiles Look Like Threatening Teeth Baring To Dogs?

Yes, to a nervous or aggressive dog. A properly socialized dog will quickly realize that a human%26#039;s smile is friendly. Some dogs will even grin submissively - especially Border collies.

Do Human Smiles Look Like Threatening Teeth Baring To Dogs?
Yes to a strange dog. and don%26#039;t just walk up and pet it on he head
Reply:not if a dog is treated kindly after a smile. they%26#039;ll learn to associate pain or good feeling depending on how they are treated and with what body language.
Reply:Yeah, I think I read it somewhere. To make sure they know what it is, you have to vocalize it (smile, laugh aloud or talk to them while smiling).
Reply:No, most dogs are not afraid of someone who smiles. They have the ability to sense when there is danger a lot of the time. The tone of your voice has a lot more to do with whether you are threathing or not.
Reply:Perhaps if the dog is a stranger..but my dogs try to make me smile..some of them smile back...teeth and all...but some just twinkle their eyes..
Reply:As far as I can remember teeth bearing of a certain kind can mean submission to a dog (dont quote me). To a Monkey however teeth bearing is the monkey equivalent of %26quot;Oi knob%26#039;ead wot u fink yor lookin at%26quot; (but dont quote me)

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If evolution is false and God created man then - why is the human jaw to small for our teeth?

A human engineer could have done a much better job. Kinda odd for an all powerful being wouldnt you say?

If evolution is false and God created man then - why is the human jaw to small for our teeth?
Beth: No, the argument can%26#039;t be reversed. If we weren%26#039;t still evolving, then maybe it could be - if biologists claimed Evolution creates perfect beings. How do you know that in say, 3,000 years, our wisdom teeth will no longer be a problem? Evolutionary theory isn%26#039;t about poofing perfect beings out of thin air. It states that we evolve. Duh.
Reply:happy new year
Reply:God was totally drunk when he designed the jaw.

Lauren- The excruciating pain of wisdom teeth growing in wrong, that%26#039;s all part of God%26#039;s plan?

Christians are so ******* stupid.
Reply:Exactly. That is why evolution is real.
Reply:lol I had my wisdom teeth removed a few months ago.....

this caused me a lot of irritation, I am really pissed at god
Reply:A cruel and unusual god that one is. =\
Reply:too many drinks
Reply:Evolution is not false, so there%26#039;s really no discussion here.
Reply:The phone rang when he was working on it.
Reply:we have a common ancestor with apes, and the evolution is a continuous process, after 10000 years, humans will find head as half the size of body because we are using our brains too much and you will find the jaws bigger and teeth sharper becuase we are eating too much flesh.

you will not be able to realise the evolution, like we don%26#039;t know the function of apenices in human body

and last but not the least, who is GOD?
Reply:The roots of my teeth are so long that when I get a cold, I also get a toothache.
Reply:It is a sign of the Divine Flying Spaghetti Monster%26#039;s forethought in ensuring that dentists would have gainful employment extracting wisdom teeth once the human race had gotten around to inventing dentistry...
Reply:I%26#039;ve had to have not one but two sets of %26quot;wisdom%26quot; teeth surgically removed because they tried to grow in side ways. IF I hadn%26#039;t already been an Atheist that probably would have done it.;)
Reply:hey, grimey i borrowed your question ...but only as a parady. so i owe you no royalties.
Reply:God created us,He created an intelligent man like us.When He created such an intelligent man,imagine how much He should be intelligent,an genius personality.So He created a right person with all suitable parts.There cant be any flaw in His creation.

Do we really need a better jaw or teeth?Its quite enough to relish all the food %26amp; for good look.
Reply:Human Engineering,War! Human Engineering has yet to

prove the many mistakes it continues to Harness upon our

inevitable destruction. I look in the mirror and i see a person

distorted, not perfect ! but being blind would that matter... I

see a world with no Hope! I guess if evolution was correct

we would all be perfect! I am not sure that I have ever seen a

perfect Ape with imperfect teeth. I am glad to know that the

Sun,Moon,Stars and Earth are ever present in a Physical

World that i can enjoy and still ask each day.... WHY?

In Christ

Reply:Really kind of a ridiculous question i might say. Are you also wondering why God didnt embed computer chips into our brains? Given us wings so we could fly? Given us gills so we could swim in the ocean? Make us all flawlessly attractive? Give us xray vision? Hmm, why not throw in telekinesis and telepathy too...God designed us how he wanted us. Do teeth not perform the intended function adequately which is to chew up food? Yes they do.

On evolution...If we evolved from apes, why do apes still exist? Why isnt there one single specimen of a half-breed ape-human that you would expect to see because progression is very slow and would happen at varying rates with different specimens? Well, unless youre counting George Bush of course....
Reply:the human jaw is not too small 4 our teeth, it%26#039;s just that u%26#039;re teeth have gotten bigger by asking too many unwanted questions.................. and one more thing. perhaps u might wanna ask a human engineer to create a human jaw with teeth and bring it to life. let me know if he succeeds.
Reply:my teeth are actually too small for my jaw, so i have no idea what youre talking about..
Reply:We have degenerated since Adam...
Reply:speak for yourself, you may have buck teeth but mine are FINE!!
Reply:What if, in God%26#039;s eyes, the human jaw is perfect for our teeth and we just don%26#039;t realize it?
Reply:my teeth all came in just fine, wisdom teeth included...maybe God just wanted to distinguish the wise from the un-.
Reply:If evolution is false and God created man, all physical flaw are the result of Adam and Eve%26#039;s original sin. Eating the fruit was like openning Pandora%26#039;s Box, and everything that is wrong with humans and the world is not God%26#039;s fault, but the fault of the first humans.
Reply:u r dumb!!
Reply:On the same note... if evolution is true, why is our jaw too small for our teeth? Lol. I mean... if evolution is supposed to make like easier and our bodies better designed, why did we hold onto our appendix just so that it could explode on us? :o

nonreligious person here, just pointing out that your argument also works against evolution as well.

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When we brush our dogs teeth can we use human toothpaste?

I have the toothpaste of glister

When we brush our dogs teeth can we use human toothpaste?
Congratulations in taking the first step towards a healthier pet! Brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth is a great thing to do. But DO NOT use human toothpaste - these contain fluoride %26amp; baking soda which can irritate your dogs gastrointestinal tract (%26quot;tummy%26quot;). Dogs (and cats for that matter) don%26#039;t know enough to spit out the toothpaste - they just instinctively swallow it which can cause problems. They have specially made toothpastes for dogs and cats - and they come in a variety of flavors - poultry, vanilla mint, malt, and even beef. Also make sure to use either a pet toothbrush (possibly provided with the toothpaste if you get a kit) or, if you don%26#039;t have one, a baby toothbrush will work as well - you don%26#039;t want to use an adult toothbrush as this can be too hard on your pets gums.

Below is a couple of links for you - one has great pictures too:

Good luck! :)
Reply:I don%26#039;t believe so. I think the problem with human toothpaste is that eating it isn%26#039;t all that great for us at it is and we are massive compared to most dogs.
Reply:no it will poison them it has to be dog tooth paste
Reply:no you can%26#039;t , you can poison the dog , stick with the dog toothpaste that you can get from the vet .
Reply:go to the pet store and buy dog tooth paste
Reply:i wouldn%26#039;t do that, simply because animals have different systems than we do. Sometimes they can not tolerate the things that are not going to upset a human. Ask your vet for the very best answer. GB AND GL
Reply:wow another stupid question OF COUSE NOT
Reply:NO! The dog doesn%26#039;t know not to swallow it and really isn%26#039;t physically able to spit it out. It%26#039;s poisonous to dogs. Get the special kind made for dogs.
Reply:I%26#039;m pretty sure that%26#039;s a bad idea. Humans spit out the toothpaste that we use. We don%26#039;t ingest it for a reason. Dogs don%26#039;t know how to spit.

Go buy some doggie toothpaste.
Reply:no, that%26#039;s what dog tooth paste is for.
Reply:you should probably check with a vet. they will know. or go to a clinic(animal shelter), or a petsmart or petco, they will definatly know!
Reply:I use dog tooth paste but she has her own electric toothbrush.
Reply:try the hide bones, i use them for mii lab and her teeth are extremely white nd her breathe never seems to stink =P
Reply:NO!! If your dog is fed properly he should not need teeth cleaning at all. 80% of dogs have periodontal disease as a direct result of a commercial diet of kibble and canned food. Raw fed dogs have white shiny teeth and no bad breath.

Feed your dog RAW meaty bones - the meat flosses between the teeth and massages the gums while the bones will scrape plaque and tartar off the teeth. This means edible bones like those found in a chicken quarter or a lamb neck NOT those big shin or marrow bones which may crack your dogs teeth.

Make sure that the meal is big enough for the dog to %26#039;work for his dinner%26#039;. This could mean a chicken drumstick or a pork shoulder depending on the size of the dog. RAW bones do not crack or splinter and they are completely digestible by the dog. Never feed cooked bones.
Reply:No you must get doggy tooth paste. They will get sick!
Reply:NO - absolutely NOT!

You must only use toothpaste approved for dogs with a toothbrush approved for dogs.
Reply:no human toothpaste. there are things in it that are bad for the dog. get dog toothpaste,comes in chicken flavor and they love it and won%26#039;t mind the brushing.
Reply:No, it CAN BE toxic to dogs. They make certain solutions for that, google dr.foster and smith they have everything you will need. If you don%26#039;t want to do that CALL your vet and ask. Good luck, and you are making a bigger effort than most people do!
Reply:NO!! Trust me I know stuff.
Reply:No. The flouride in it is very bad for them, plus the minty flavoring usually stings them because they have very sensitive gums.


How many teeth are in a human jaw?

Dr. Joe has the best answer.

He is definitely ready to take the national boards

attention to detail Ha

choose his.


Sorry Tweetie Bird there are only 20 Deciduous teeth total

How many teeth are in a human jaw?
Reply:16 in a fully developed jaw. The other sixteen will be in the skull.
Reply:Some people have 32 teeth, but not all. Some people do not have all four wisdom teeth. While others may have 1-4 wisdom teeth. It just depends on the person and what their genetic background is like. There are even some people that have extra teeth, in the dental world we call this supernumerary teeth. All of the above describes an adult dentition. Children have 20 primary or baby teeth.
Reply:26 deciduous (baby) %26amp; 32 permanent (adult).
Reply:28 teeth plus 4 wisdom teeth. so 32 total.
Reply:20 deciduous and 32 permanent in a normal human being.However there are conditions where there are more than normal;like supernumerary teeth (extra teeth), and less than normal(such as in conditions like partial anodontia, and complete anodontia--no teeth at all)

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