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Can you use human toothpaste to brush a dogs teeth?

i was at the pet store today and they had this lil kit with a toothbursh and toothpaste and stuff for a dog..and the box said it contains Flouride..thats in human toothpaste right?

so is it alright to use human toothpaste? if no, then why???

[other than if the dog accidentlly swallowes some]

Can you use human toothpaste to brush a dogs teeth?
Too much fluride in adult human toothpaste. If you insist on a human product childrens toothpaste is acceptable once a week but doesn%26#039;t give you nearly as good results as pet toothpaste that can be bought everywhere from walmart to the vet%26#039;s office. Good luck and good for you looking out for your dogs dental health!
Reply:i think so
Reply:yes and would you please send me a vid clip of you doing it I need a good laugh!
Reply:it is alright to use human toothpaste
Reply:Most products that are tested for safety for humans is tested on animals so yes it is OK to use human tooth past on your dog .However do not let your dog drink mouthwash as most of it has very High levels of alcohol and can cause respiratory distress
Reply:ya. i would.
Reply:NO! please get some doggie tooth paste, the people stuff can cause an upset stomach and vomiting.
Reply:yes its ok...i brush my dog teeth sometimes -_-* (she sometimes gets in the litterbox ewww)

edit: ok by reading everyone else answer maybe its not ok. i shall buy dog toothpaste. -_-* sorry shadow
Reply:Hi Miss, It%26#039;s not okay to use human toothpaste on a dog. There%26#039;s something in our toothpaste that can kill a dog. Why do you think they have doggy toothpaste out. Go to any pet store and buy what your need.

Reply:A lil fluoride should be alright, but NO, dogs cannot use human toothpaste. The reason is as you stated - the dog will not accidentally swallow it, but DEFINITELY will swallow it. Think about it; we humans don%26#039;t even swallow it (and if you do, you%26#039;re not supposed to! Read the package - it warns that small children should be monitored so they don%26#039;t swallow it).

Dog toothpaste is formulated so it is edible as well. Human toothpaste contains harsher chemicals, but we SPIT IT OUT. Consuming human toothpaste is gonna give your doggy one heckuva upset stomach.
Reply:try to use a baking soda/water mix

put it on a cloth

use you finger to try and clean the teeth
Reply:No! Never use human toothpaste on dogs. Since dogs are not capable of spitting they will swallow the toothpaste and the flouride could cause problems. I never brush my dogs teeth with human toothpaste. I use dog toothpaste, beef flavored, my dog loves it!
Reply:NEVER- apart from dogs don%26#039;t like the taste, it has chemicals that are not good for dogs. there is proper dog toothpaste on the market, normally beef flavored that requires no rinsing, use a babies toothbrush, mind the gums
Reply:~i don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s wise~
Reply:i would not use human toothpaste on a dog....if you read the back of a toothpaste tube it says do not swallow....if you brush the dog%26#039;s teeth with it, it%26#039;s inevitible that he/she will swallow some of it....i don%26#039;t know the reason but i know that it isn%26#039;t safe....there%26#039;s also something in toothpaste for dogs that helps with tartar control and it is safe for them to swallow.
Reply:Yes, it%26#039;s pecfectly fine. Our first dog was a German Shepherd named Shadow. My brother and I would %26quot;try%26quot; to brush his teeth. He would always take off though. Funny site.

Hoped this helped
Reply:No, there is certains things in dog toothpaste that will cause dogs no harm. Buy it, it is worth it, but there are steps to brushing dogs%26#039; teeth. Here they are:

1. Buy the set

2. For a few days, just get the dog used to you brushing his/her teeth without


3. For a few days, just get the dogs used to the toothpaste without brushing

4. Brush away

Reply:no, its toxic. buy some at the pet store.
Reply:No! There are other ingrediaents in human toothpaste besides flouride. There are warning labels on human toothpaste to only give children small amounts, because it can be harmful when swallowed! Dog toothpaste also does not foam up or need to be rinsed, you just scrub it onto your dog%26#039;s teeth and that%26#039;s it. You can get it at any petstore in flavors like chicken and peanut butter, which your dog will find much more palatable than mint.
Reply:If you can brush infants and childrens teeth with flouride toothpaste then you can brush your dog%26#039;s teeth. You don%26#039;t need to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth on a daily basis and the amt. of Sodium Flouride ( full name) in toothpase is very small.


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